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Verizon Fios VS Cable

For unsurpassed performance and reliability, a 100% fiber-optic network makes all the difference. Shop Fios

Verizon Fios or Cable? The choice is clear.

Only Fios customers get upload speeds as fast as their download speeds.

The fastest Wi-Fi available from any provider.1

The major difference is a 100% fiber-optic network for your home. Cable companies don't offer that. Join the fiber-optic network for reliable speed you can count on.

How does your Internet provider perform under pressure? Verizon Fios carries fast speeds. That’s important when you’re downloading and sharing online.

Upload a 4-minute, 30MB video in less than 5 seconds, with 50/50Mbps Fios speed. Have Comcast’s 25/5 Mbps speed? You’ll wait 48 seconds to see your video.2 That’s almost 10 times slower than Fios.

In certain areas, Fios Internet download and upload speeds can reach 500Mbps.3 When you compare Fios speeds to cable, it's a no-brainer.

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Fios Internet Speeds vs Cable
Download your favorite 2-hour movie in HD within 10 minutes!
Verizon Fios – 5 GB at 100 Mbps [9.1 minutes]
Cable – 5 GB at 25 Mbps [27.3 minutes]
Download 20 high-resolution pictures in 11 seconds!
Verizon Fios – 100 MB at 100 Mbps [10.7 seconds]
Cable – 100 MB at 25 Mbps [32 seconds]
Upload a 4 minute SD video in less than 7 seconds!
Verizon Fios – 30 MB at 100 Mbps [3.2 seconds]
Cable – 30 MB at 10 Mbps [24 seconds]

Download and upload time estimates based on maximum connection speeds. Actual speeds will vary.

Compare Fios to cable for entertainment

  • Habla Espanol? The Fios TV Spanish Language Package provides over 70 of our most popular Spanish language channels (14 in HD) like beIN Sport Español, ESPN Deportes HD, Discovery en Español and Univision Deportes HD.
  • Bigger Variety. Over 130,000 FiOS On Demand titles and growing, thousands free.

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