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Let’s talk Internet speed.

How do the Internet speeds you’ve purchased from your provider reach your home? And why do some users see different Internet speeds at their homes during different times of the day? In this video, we explain why it’s better to have consistently reliable high Internet speeds – especially if you have a multi-device household.

Video Transcription:

It’s time for some straight talk about Internet speed. The Internet is confusing – companies say they provide the best. We can help you understand why Fios® is better for doing basic Internet functions, like streaming and uploading videos, uploading photos, multiplayer gaming and more.

Internet speed is the rate at which data travels. Like miles per hour in a car, data travels in bits per second. But cars, like data, travel at different speeds depending on the type of road and the amount of stuff it carries that can slow it down. It’s the same for data traveling by a broadband connection. It travels together with other people’s data to get to your home. Broadband is delivered using different technologies. The type of technology determines the range of speeds delivered to your computer.

Cable Internet potentially shares its road with hundreds of users. Their speed can slow during rush hours, just like any highway. On the other hand, a typical Fios connection serves significantly fewer users. We don’t have rush hours; that’s why we consistently deliver the speeds we advertise. They talk about speed boosts, but if you’re downloading a 4 gigabyte movie, like Avatar, it’s gone before the first 1% has downloaded.

So why is speed important?

Families use their Fios connection in different ways. Broadband is like a pie that is shared. A small pie gets used up quickly. A bigger pie lets everyone have more speed. That’s what Fios provides.

Join the express lane. Experience the value of speed with Verizon Fios, and let your family have more of what they enjoy.