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Verizon FiOS Internet

America's fastest,2 most consistent
and most reliable Internet.

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America’s fastest2, most consistent and most reliable Internet.

Fastest Speeds

Astronomically good upload speed to go with its download speed"
- PC Mag.com2

Award Winning

PC Magazine Readers’ Choice Award winner 9 years in a row and consistently rated #1 by PC Magazine in speed, reliability and customer satisfaction3.

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Compare FiOS Internet to Cable Internet
Upload 200 photos (250 MB) in under 1 minute!
Verizon FiOS 50 Mbps
Cable 3 Mbps
Download a 2-hour movie in under 6 minutes!
Verizon FiOS - 1.5 GB at 50 Mbps
Cable - 1.5 GB at 17 Mbps
Download 10 songs in 11 seconds!
Verizon FiOS - 50 MB at 50 Mbps
Cable - 50 MB at 17 Mbps

FiOS Internet Plans

Choose your speed. Get connected to 100% pure fiber optics.

25/25 Mbps

Great for several devices that put a high-speed connection to the test.

Satisfy intense Internet users with reliable speed.

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50/50 Mbps

Best for those who spend a lot of time online.

Quickly stream videos and download large files.

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75/75 Mbps
Even Faster

Ideal for serious gamers and larger households.

Download HD movies at blazing fast speeds.

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150/150 Mbps
Super Fast

Great for multiple users who put connection to the test.

Get a super-fast Internet connection.

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500/500 Mbps
The Fastest

Keep heavy Internet users and multiple devices going at full force.

Get the fastest connection possible.

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Why fiber-optic Internet is better

The increased bandwidth of fiber-optic Internet technology means you can reach new levels of speed and consistency. The fastest speeds from other broadband Internet providers can’t compete with the fiber-optic powered Internet service from Verizon.

With Verizon FiOS speeds that reach up to 500/500 Mbps, you can:

  • Download a 5GB HD movie in 1.4 minutes! You can browse, purchase and download your movie before the popcorn is done!
  • Upload 200 (250 MB in size) photos in 20 seconds. Just get back from vacation? Share the experience with friends and family in no time!
  • Stream with less lag, buffering and interruptions. Watch a video online, video chat with a friend and play an online game, all at the same time!

The power of fiber-optic Internet

Verizon FiOS breaks records and sets standards for speed and consistency. Few Internet service providers can compete. The technology powering Verizon FiOS Internet is just plain better that what others can offer. "If you're lucky enough to live in an area where FiOS is available, PCMag readers say it clear: you'd be a fool to look elsewhere for Internet".2

Verizon FiOS Internet in your home

Time to get connected! Here’s how to get started with Verizon FiOS Internet in your home.

  • Choose the date and time you want one of the Verizon professional installers to come to your home (weekends and evenings included!).
  • A FiOS tech will install an ONT (Optical Network Terminal) in an inconspicuous place somewhere outside your home. The ONT is a small box that communicates with the Verizon fiber optic network. Then the tech will set up your router and add any necessary wiring and wall jacks.
  • The tech will test your equipment to make sure it runs smoothly, and then walk you through your new equipment and answer any questions.

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Verizon High Speed Internet

Fiber not available in your area? Get online with Verizon High Speed Internet service.

Verizon High Speed Internet offers:

A Reliable network

Verizon High Speed Internet provides the reliability of a dedicated line from our central office to your home. Get High Speed Internet from Verizon and experience 99.9% reliability.

More speed

Millions choose Verizon High Speed Internet because of the smooth, quick service. Upload pictures, download movies and other media at the speed you need.

Are you currently a Verizon High Speed Internet customer? You could be eligible for an upgrade to FiOS! Boost your Internet service! Or add more services with a bundle. Call now to see which Verizon home Internet service is right for you!

How to find service in your area

You can easily search high-speed Internet providers by ZIP code when you call today. Our experts will take your information and find the best high-speed Internet options in your area. Don’t be stuck with slow Internet. Turn up the speed and do more online—call now!

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